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All About NAHEMA

My path began in the beauty industry at the age of 15, my goal was to help people feel more beautiful and confident in their skin. 

I took this artistry really seriously, striving to work for the best salons, the best know-how, in order to provide the best service to my clients.

This path and my love for beauty led me to work for Fashion-weeks internationally and eventually for the biggest cosmetic company in the world. 

Throughout these 10 years of corporate world, I've worked in Paris, South Korea, Dubai, Los Angeles, NYC, Madrid, Munich and other amazing cities where I got the honor of developing and Co-creating Beauty Expertise.

I was fortunate enough to share my knowledge with other experts, through seminars, events, workshops, social media and more. 

After a decade into my international career I felt a deeper need to reconsider my life and so I change up directions and left the corporate world...

At first I kept doing what I knew, I stayed focused on creative but "factual" work, supported other peoples businesses in growth and founded a social media business consulting company. 

It made so much sense based on my career and expertise and how much I love to aspire people but soon the creative process became more and more relevant.

The most fun I had was during the process of creating and building something that can inspire and be shared with others and somehow create connections through it . 


Being the 3rd generation of artists in my family  (my great-grandma, my grandpa), it made sense to my rational/logical brain not so much to the fear central though. 

Painting was pretty scary but also exciting at the same time. (btw thanks M. for guiding me through it <3) 

All these emotions that I had to confront, that seemed way too big for me to handle, found a blank canvas, brushes and colors...and I begun to paint.

* Edward Hopper once said: " If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint ".


When I paint, I'm in a different world. It allows me to reconsider my perspectives in life.

Painting portraits of beautiful human beings and catching their authentic emotions allows me to connect with them, 

to experience their perspectives using the painting as a mirror and reminder of their true nature of uniqueness and beauty. 

Painting to me feels like complete freedom, which is a combination of the most satisfying and threatening feelings, in my world. 

Most of my art is about the illusion of perfectionism and the realistic „unrealisticness“ of life as well as the joy & happiness associated with it. 


Feel free and feel confident is what I wish to transmit. Any form of feeling is ok. 

If it doesn't serve you, try not stick with it for too long - art has been my reminder and supporter, 

so I wish to share this path with you and to inspire your unique truth through my art. 


May you feel as good as you can, because you're worth it .



* Edward Hopper July 22, 1882-May 15, 1967 - American realist painter and printmaker

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